Corporate Culture
Organisation Structure


1973… the refinery had its beginnings as part of the business activities under Singapore Petroleum Company Private Limited.

11 January 1979… Singapore Refining Company Pte. Ltd. (SRC) was incorporated when the refinery became established as a joint venture between Singapore Petroleum Company Pte. Ltd. (now known as Singapore Petroleum Company Limited), British Petroleum Company Limited (now known as BP Singapore Pte. Ltd.) and the Caltex Petroleum Corporation (now known as Chevron Global Energy Inc.), making it the first joint processing refinery in South-east Asia.

1 July 1998… the refinery was restructured to operate as a discrete business unit with responsibility for its own bottom-line.

30 Jun 2004… BP Singapore Pte. Ltd. divested its share of SRC, leaving Singapore Petroleum Company Limited and Chevron (namely through its two Singapore companies, Chevron Singapore Pte. Ltd. & Chevron Trading Pte. Ltd.) currently as equal Shareholders of the refinery..