Environmental Protection
Safety & Loss Prevention

In line with SRC’s objective to minimise the impact of our refinery operations on the environment, we have invested significant resources and effort in waste reduction, pollution & emission control as well as energy conservation.

State-of-the-art environmental technology and facilities are utilised in our manufacturing processes for environmental control. We have an Effluent Treatment Plant that is capable of treating 6000 cubic metres per day of effluent water before it is discharged to the sea. Other facilities to improve the environment include flare gas recovery facilities, foul water stripper and sulphur recovery units as well as oily sludge centrifugation & treatment facilities.

Sound energy management practices are in place to reduce the amount of fuel burnt in the manufacturing process and thereby ensure efficient energy use. In addition, SRC maintains continuous emergency response preparedness and has capability to combat incidents that may put our environment at risk.

A testimony to our commitment in ensuring the implementation of environmentally-responsible programmes and practices for SRC’s operations is our achievement of the ISO14001 Environmental Management System certification.