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Instructions for Visitors to SRC
As a Visitor to SRC, Your Safety & Security is Our Concern. To help us in protecting you when you visit our premises, please read and abide by the following regulations and procedures:

1. Prior to your visit, please provide your personal particulars (Full Name, Identity Card or Passport Number, Nationality), Vehicle License Plate Number if applicable, Purpose of Visit and other relevant details as requested to the employee who is sponsoring your visit. This is for purpose of submitting a Jurong Island Visitor Pass Application for you and assisting in your security clearance to access Jurong Island and our refinery.

2. On the day of your visit, you would need to proceed first to Block 1 at the Jurong Island Checkpoint to obtain your Jurong Island Visitor Pass. You must submit your Identity Card or Passport in exchange for the Jurong Island Visitor Pass. Taxi drivers can collect a Jurong Island Temporary Pass for entry into Jurong Island from a booth set up along the Taxi lane at the Checkpoint.

3. The speed limit is 50 km/hr on Merlimau Road and 25 km/hr on all roads within SRC’s premises. The speed limit on SRC Roads is strictly enforced.

4. Visitor parking is available only on the upper deck of the SRC Carpark.

5. You are required to register with Security Personnel stationed at the Admin Building Thoroughfare and to undergo security screening where your belongings would be checked. Please follow instructions on this by our Security Personnel.

6. A SRC Security Pass will be issued to you in exchange for your Jurong Island Visitor Pass. Please display this Security Pass prominently on your person at all times during your visit.

7. Our Security Personnel will also issue a Visitor Indemnity Form for you to sign in acknowledgement. This must be counter-signed by your SRC Sponsor and returned to Security Personnel when you leave our refinery.

8. You are required to declare and surrender all contra-band items (examples are knives, matches, lighters and liquor). All electronic equipment such as cameras, video recorders, Computers and laptops must also be declared to Security Personnel.

9. Please note that use of mobile phones and other electrical or electronic equipment is not permitted in the Process Plant Area and other classified hazardous areas within our refinery.

10. As SRC is covered under the ‘Protected Area’ status mandated by the Government for the entire Jurong Island, no photography or video-taking is allowed unless special permission has been obtained.

11. Smoking is strictly prohibited within SRC premises except at designated smoking shelters.

12. Proper attire is required to enter our premises ie. NO singlets, shorts or bermudas.

13. For your safety, you are required to wear proper covered footwear (examples are given in the pictures below). Slippers, Mules and Casual Sandals (Sandals without back straps) are not permitted to be worn within our refinery premises.

14. Upon completing security clearance, please remain in the waiting area outside the Security Office until you are received by your SRC Sponsor.

15. Please do not wander about on your own. Walking in our refinery grounds unaccompanied by your SRC Sponsor is not permitted. While you are visiting our premises, you must remain with your SRC Sponsor at all times.

16. Please acquaint yourself with the nearest emergency escape route in the building where you are visiting. Your SRC Sponsor will be able to provide information on this.

17. In the event of any emergency when you hear the refinery emergency fire siren being sounded or the fire alarm in the building going off, please follow the instructions of your SRC Sponsor

18. Please note that all equipment or materials to be removed from our premises must be accompanied by a duly authorised ‘Materials Out-Pass Permit’.

Reminder to Visitors: SRC Security & Safety Regulations & Procedures

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