Environmental Protection
Safety & Loss Prevention

Safety is a very critical success indicator of our organization performance. It includes both safety of personnel and process safety, and is integrated into every aspect of our refining operations. SRC firmly believes that all incidents/injuries are preventable and recognises the importance of safety excellence to support our business.

For SRC, whether work is carried out by employees or by contractors, 'safety' is an over-riding priority. Accordingly, compliance with safety and process safety requirements is the responsibility of all employees and contractors at all levels. Over the last 5 years, SRC has ensured that contractors work to the same safety standards and has diligently worked in partnership with contractors to build safety into the company culture, with raised focus on preventing injuries at the work place.

We employ a comprehensive programme in our loss prevention efforts embracing all aspects of Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Assurance (HSEQ). A Total Loss Control system helps us to track incidents/near misses and monitor all losses, as well as capture lessons learned. A system to commend safe behaviours is also in place to give recognition to employees and contractors who display exemplary commitment to safe practices at the workplace.

Initiatives which support our endeavour to achieve and maintain world-class safety performance include the voluntary adoption of the US OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) standards which set stringent standards for process safety management, aimed at preventing major process related incidents. This is in tandem with the government-mandated Safety Management System implemented at SRC.

We are also building a culture of Behavioural Based Safety amongst employees and contractors alike to take responsibility for the safety and well-being of themselves and their co-workers through mutual observation and peer feedback.

Another key initiative entrenched in SRC is the Manager Safety Tours (MST) which involves senior level managers performing site safety inspections jointly with area personnel in charge and a technician working in the area. While the MST focuses on identifying at-risk behaviours and unsafe conditions, it also provides opportunity for staff at junior level to bring safety-related issues to the attention of senior level management as well as paves the way for all parties to engage jointly in the process of finding solutions to safety-related issues.

We continuously strive to achieve and maintain world class safety performance. No effort is spared in our perpetual quest for safety excellence. From a level of more than ten recordable injuries prior to 1996, SRC has progressively improved safety to achieve a recordable injury frequency of less than 0.2 and virtually eliminating Lost Time Injuries at site. In 2006, we achieved the significant milestone of working 6 million man-hours and 3 years without a Lost Time injury for employees and contractors – no mean feat considering the hazardous nature of work in the refinery and the number of people working on site each day, which can range from a few hundreds in normal time to even up to more than a thousand workers during a major process unit turnaround.

In our business, we are acutely aware that maintaining a high-level safety performance will always continue to be a challenge and complacency has no place. We are therefore committed to remain vigilant and focussed in order to ensure the effectiveness of our safety programmes.

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